Abdullah Al Busais
  • Gender:Male
  • ISNI:0000000508066765
  • Year of Death:Kuwait
  • Year of Flourishing:2009
  • Lives in:Kuwait
  • Citizen of:Kuwait
  • Education:Kuwait

Abdullah Al Busais is a Kuwaiti poet and novelist who earned a diploma in technological sciences and a bachelor's degree in English Literature. He started his career as a Nabatean poet as he was influenced by his father's salon and friends who recited Nabatean and narrating stories about Bedouin, heroes, and lovers. In 2009, Al Busais participated in a TV competition called Poet of the Million. He also published a collections of poems titled The Collection of Ideas. Al Busais shifted from writing poems to writing short shorts then to novels. In 2009, he published his first short story collection titled The Diwaniya which was published by a Gulf publishing house. Then, in 2014, Al Busais published his second book Stray Memories. The American Vice magazine included his novel Stray Memories among its list of the "six banned middle earners books you should read". In 2016, Al Busais published his second novel The Taste of the Wolf which was censored for publications in Kuwait. However, the novel won the Best Arabic Novel Award at the Sharjah Book Fair in 2017 and was translated into Chinese by China International Press. His latest novel Qaf is a Killer and Seed is Happy was published in 2019 by Riwayat Publishing.

Published works
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  • Sharjah Book Fair Award, 2017