Faleh Abdul-Jaba
  • Gender:Male
  • ISNI:0000000121247932
  • Year of Birth:1946, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Year of Death:2018, Beirut, Lebanon
  • Education:England, United Kingdom

Faleh Abdul-Jaba is an Iraqi sociologist who left Iraq in 1978. Abdul-Jaba was born in Baghdad, 1946 and died on February 26, 2018, in Beirut, Lebanon. He worked as a professor and sociologist at the University of London, School of Politics and Sociology at Birkerick College, where he had a Doctorate. He previously worked as a lecturer at the Urban University of London and since 1994 has led the Iraqi Cultural Forum research group at Birkbeck College. He previously worked as director of research and publishing at the Center for Social Studies of the Arab World based in Nicosia and Beirut (1983-1990). He specializes in studying political and social thoughts in the Middle East. His word deals with: religion, the role of law, religious conflict, and civil society.

Published works
  • The Turban and the Effendis, By (author), Al Jamal Publications, 2010, Book
  • Post-Marx, By (author), Dar Al Farabi, 2010, ISBN-13, 9789953715322, Book
  • Totalitarianism, By (author), Iraqi Studies, 2008, ISBN-13, 9781855167742, Book