Hooda Shawa Qaddumi
  • Gender:Female
  • ISNI:0000000044567691
  • Year of Death:United Kingdom
  • Year of Flourishing:2008
  • Citizen of:Kuwait
  • Education:New Jersey, United States

Hooda Shawa Qaddumi is a Palestinian–Kuwaiti writer of a Palestinian father and a British mother, was born in the United Kingdom. She had published children's and young adult's literature books. Her works won several awards, including the Sheikh Zayed Book Award for Children Literature for her book "The Birds’ Journey to Mount Qaf " in 2008. Hooda Shawa Qaddumi grew up in the United Kingdom, and currently lives in Kuwait with her husband and their two children. She works as a professor of English at Kuwait University. Al Qaddumi studied at the American University in Cairo where she obtained a bachelor's degree in Economics and Political Science and then a master's of Education in Teaching English from The College of New Jersey in the US. Currently, she is obtaining a second master's degree in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies from Kuwait University. In 2008, her book "The Journey of Birds to Mount Qaf " won the Sheikh Zayed Book Award for Children's Literature. The Same book also won the Best Direction Book Award at the Beirut International Book Fair 50, and which is inspired by the poetic writing of the story "Logic of the Bird" by the Persian Sufi poet Farid al-Din al-Attar who lived in Nishapur during the twelfth century AD.

Published works
  • A Birds’ Journey to Mount Qaf (Rihlat Al Tuyoor ila Jabal Al Qaf), By (author), Dar Al-Saqi, 2009, Book
  • The Animal’s Vs the Humans at the Court of the King of the Jinn (Da’wa Al Hayawan Thid Al Insan Inda Malik Al Jann), By (author), Dar Al Saqi, 2012, Book
  • The Secret Revealer (Kasheb Al Asrar), By (author), Dar Al Saqi, 2013, Book
  • The Elephant’s Journey (Rihlat Al Feel), By (author), Dar Al Saqi, 2015, Book