Huda El-Sarari
  • Gender:Female
  • Year of Birth:1974, Bani Walid, Libya
  • Year of Flourishing:2011
  • Citizen of:Libya
  • Education:Bani Walid, Libya

Huda El-Sarari or Hoda El-Sarari; Hoda Al Sarari (born June 16, 1974) is a Libyan journalist, poet and television executive. She runs the 218TV channel, the "most popular", in Libya. She is said to be the first woman from Libya to gain a place in both the Arab and global rankings as one of the influential Arab personalities. She has also published a collection of poems in her book title "Athwab al Hozn" (English: The Ropes of Sorrow) and a number of articles online. 


Published works
  • Athwab Al Hozn, By (author), Al Matbua'at Distributing and Publishing, 2002, ISBN-13, 9789953882062, Book
  • 30 Most Influential Women in the Arab World, United Arab Emirates, Commended, 2019

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