Hussein Aoudat
  • Gender:Male
  • Year of Birth:1937, Dara'a, Syrian Arab Republic
  • Year of Flourishing:1987
  • Year of Death:2016, Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic
  • Lives in:Syrian Arab Republic
  • Citizen of:Syrian Arab Republic
  • Education:Syrian Arab Republic
  • Profession:
  • Dar Al-Ahali Publishing House - Syrian Arab Republic

Hussein Aloudat (Arabic: حسين العودات; born 1937) was a Syrian writer and journalist, he was born in Umm Al-Mayathen village in Dara’a Governorate countryside in 1937. He was licensed in geography and the French language, and held a diploma in journalism. He was the consultant of the Prime Minister for Culture and Journalism in Syria. He ran the Syrian Arabian News Agency and Dar Al-Ahali Publishing House. He prepared several studies on media and cultural affairs in Arab countries for ALECSO, ASBU, UNESCO, and ACRESEG.

Published works
  • The Other in Arab Culture, By (author), Dar Al Saqi, 2010, ISBN-13, 9781855166226, Book
  • Renaissance and Modernity, By (author), Dar Al Saqi, 2011, ISBN-13, 9781855166998, Book
  • Arab Women in Religion and Society, By (author), Dar Al Ahaly for Printing, Publishing and Distribution, 1996, Book

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