Hussein Mardan
  • Gender:Male
  • ISNI:0000000066914287
  • Year of Birth:1927, Hindiyah, Iraq
  • Year of Death:1972, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Education:Baqubah, Iraq
  • Profession:
  • Al-Ahli Newspaper - Iraq
  • Al-Akhbar Newspaper - Iraq
  • A.B. Magazine - Iraq
  • Public Broadcasting Corporation Cultural Affairs Section - Iraq
  • Al-Mustaqbal Newspaper - Iraq

Hussein Mardan (1927-1972) is an Iraqi writer and poet born in Karbala province. Mardan is nicknamed the "King of the Tramps" of the 20th Century. He is best known for his poems of focused prose and free poetry, particularly the blog "Naked Poems", which caused a stir between newspapers and government agencies, resulting in his arrest. He has also written for some Arab and Iraqi magazines, including Poetry and A.B., and has addressed many different topics, emphasizing in many of his articles the image of women in society.

Mardan faced a lot of financial difficulties in his life, which led him to do regular work for a living. He worked in construction, journalism and politics. Given his broad ambition in politics and the reality of the Iraqi royal Government, Mardan left his studies and got preoccupied with his country's concerns.

Published works
  • Naked Poems, By (author), Dar Awraaq, 1949, Book
  • The Flowers are Swollen inside the Thunderbolt, By (author), Al Jamal Publications, 1972, ISBN-13, 9783899305012, Book
  • Who Rubs Rust?, By (author), Al Jamal Publication, 2011, ISBN-13, 9783899305029, Book