Mahmoud Al-Wahhab
  • Gender:Male
  • ISNI:0000000077830492
  • Year of Birth:1929, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Year of Flourishing:1951
  • Year of Death:2011
  • Citizen of:Iraq
  • Education:Cairo, Egypt

Mahmoud Abdul Wahab is an Iraqi visual storyteller from the pioneer generation. In the field of literature, he is best known for his diverse production and distinguished creativity. He is a writer who wrote short stories, novels, poetry, critical and theatrical articles and has a long journey in the field of translation. His name has emerged since the early 1950s and specifically in 1951, and despite the lack of his product, he is a distinct creative personality and his storytelling product has a special flavor worthy studying, and about the lack of production compared to the writers of his generation says: "You have to be sure that you are the best when publishing, one story that may be long argued for excellence."

The late author was born in Baghdad in 1929 and has completed his studies there, graduated in the early 1950s from Baghdad University, and has received the highest degree in his class at the Faculty of Arts, and was appointed director of a school in Basra. He was dismissed in the 1960s from his job for political activity, imprisoned, forced to work as a ticket cutter, and then director of the Karnak Cinema in Basra. He attended Ain Shams University in Egypt to study his PhD, but then his physical condition prevented him from completing his studies in Egypt.

He then worked at the railway station selling passenger tickets, and one of his stories led him to this work, which he left to work as director of a film gallery in Basra after finding in this work what kept him close to his interests.

Abdul Wahab first published a story in the Beirut Magazine Literature in 1954 entitled "The Rising Train to Baghdad". His famous stories include "A Biography of the Size of the Palm" and "The Smell of Winter", which in 1997 carried the title of his first and last collection of stories, which were written in a time spacing.

He worked as an Arabic teacher in Basra high schools, then an Arabic language educator in the Basra Education Directorate, then retired from his job in 1992. He contributed to editing several cultural pages for Basra Newspaper in the 1950s and wrote countless articles in Arab and Iraqi newspapers and was a prominent member of the Writers' Union of Iraq.

Published works
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  • Everything is Possible in the Evening, By (author), El Dar, 2008, Book
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