Muhsin Al-Ramli
  • Gender:Male
  • ISNI:0000000385386063
  • Year of Birth:1967, Sedira, Iraq
  • Education:Madrid, Spain

Muhsin Al-Ramli (born 7 March 1967) is an expatriate Iraqi writer living in Madrid, Spain since 1995. He is a translator of several Spanish classics to Arabic. He produced the complete translation of Don Quixote from Spanish to Arabic. He teaches at the Saint Louis University Madrid Campus. He is the current editor of Alwah, a magazine of Arabic literature and thought, which he co-founded. In 2003, he earned a Doctorate in Philosophy and Letters and Spanish Philology from the Autonomous University of Madrid. His thesis topic was The Imprint of Islamic Culture in Don Quixote. He is the brother of the writer and poet Hassan Mutlak.

Published works
  • The President's Gardens, By (author), Dar Al-Thaqafa, 2012, ISBN-13, 9789948446279, Book
  • Sons and Shoes, By (author), Dar Al Mada, 2018, ISBN-13, 9789933604707, Book
  • Dates on My Fingers: An Iraqi Novel, By (author), American University in Cairo Press, 2014, ISBN-13, 9781617975530, Book
  • Baghdad Noir, Contributions by, Akashic Books, 2018, ISBN-13, 9781617753435, Book