Youssef Al-Mohaimeed
  • Gender:Male
  • Year of Birth:1964, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Citizen of:Saudi Arabia
  • Education:Saudi Arabia

Yousef Al Mohaimeed was born on January 31, 1964 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He was the first son of seven daughters. As a child, Yousef was often sick and his mother was very protective of him. He spent many of those sick hours reading, and would sometimes even pretend to be sick so that his youngest sister would buy him a book. One of his earliest creative endeavors was making up the missing endings for his incomplete copy of the "Saga of Saif Bin Dhi Yazn".

At age 10, he won an award for children's painting and went on to study Arabic calligraphy. At age 15 he began to study literature at the Jazeera secondary school, Riyadh. It was during this time that he began to write and publish short stories.

At age 18, Al Mohamieed entered the Faculty of Management Sciences at King Saud University where he became more involved with politics and began editing a weekly magazine called Hiwar (meaning dialogue). The magazine, which published politically sensitive articles, was banned, and Al-Mohaimeed was nearly expelled for his involvement. He devoted himself more fully to literature, but his first collection of short stories, Zahira La Musha Laha (An Afternoon Without Pedestrians) published in 1989, was withdrawn from the market after a well-known religious leader complained that it was immoral. However, Al-Mohaimeed has been successful in publishing his work in other countries - Rajfat Athwabihim Al Beed (The Movement of Their White Robes) was published in Cairo in 1993, and La Budda Anna Ahadan Harraka Al Kurrasa (Someone Must Have Moved the Notebook) in Beirut in 1996.
After graduation, Al-Mohaimeed worked in accounting and journalism. In 1998, he traveled to Britain to study English and photography. In 2000, Al-Mohaimeed returned to his home of Riyadh. His first novel, Laghat Mawta (The Gossip of the Dead), was published in 2000 by the Arab Writer's Union in Damascus.

Yousef Al-Mohaimeed is one of the more exciting and critically acclaimed of a recent wave of Saudi writers emerging from the heavily censored, intellectually oppressive environment. In 2008, Wolves of the Crescent Moon which was banned in Saudi Arabia, became his first book published outside of the Middle East.

Published works
  • Wolves of the Crescent Moon, By (author), American University in Cairo Press, 2007, Book, Arabic, English
  • Munira's Bottle, By (author), American University in Cairo, 2010, Book, Arabic, English
  • The Dead’s Gossip, By (author), Al-Jamel Publishing House, 2003, Book
  • Pushcart Prize, United States, Commended, 2009
  • Jan Michalski Prize for Literature, Switzerland, Short-listed, 2010
  • Alziator Prize, Italy, Winner, 2011
  • Abu al-Qasim Ashabbi, Tunisia, Winner, 2011

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