An International Standard Name Identifier (ISNI) is part of an international system that helps identify contributors to creative works and those involved in their distribution, including writers, publishers, researchers, artists, visual creators, and more. It is a unique 16-digit number that helps centralise all the information about an author, including their pseudonyms and all the translated versions of their name across different languages. This reduces ambiguity when searching for information online, and results in higher quality results.

ISNI is part of an International Standards of Organization (ISO) certified family of identifiers that include ISBN, ISSN, DOI, ISAN, ISRC, and ISWC.


The Emirates Literature Foundation is an ISNI registration agency. This allows us to act as an interface between creators and the ISNI Assignment Agency as we curate and contribute metadata, submit new requests for ISNI assignments and provide ISNI-related services to all users.

There are currently more than 30 registration agencies around the world. You can learn more on the ISNI website.


Before requesting an ISNI, check whether one has already been registered for you.

If you do not have an ISNI assigned to you yet, you can contact the Emirates Literature Foundation, following one of the following routes.

Check for assigned ISNI


If you are an individual author, please fill out this form with details about yourself and your works, and any other information that will help us confirm your public identity. Once your form is approved it will be published on our website and your data will be sent to the ISNI attribution agency for processing. When your ISNI number becomes available you will find it on your page of the Kateb Maktub database.

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If you are a publisher, library, or any other institution that holds author metadata and you are interested in attributing ISNI identifiers to those authors, there are two options available.

You may either submit individual author data using the form above or contact us directly.

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